Dealing With Morning Sickness While Teaching

Every teacher knows the struggles of being at school while feeling sick. Kudos to those ladies who have survived through the seemingly endless torment of morning sickness! Here is how I've dealt with mine. My morning sickness hasn't been terribly horrific, thankfully! I have yet to actually throw up, but instead I get prolonged almost-going-to-throw-up … Continue reading Dealing With Morning Sickness While Teaching


We’re Having a Baby!

Guess what folks - we are expecting a beautiful bundle of joy in January 2018! Once I got past the excitement, my thoughts turned to what this means for my teaching. Let me start by saying this is the most exciting, scary thing that has ever happened to me. A baby! An actual baby of … Continue reading We’re Having a Baby!

A Fresh Start

By Anonymous One of our regular readers asked for me to share this story anonymously. After 3 years teaching and a lot of recent soul-searching, they have decided to leave their school, and here are their reasons why. I've decided to resign. This wasn't a rushed decision, but one that I am content with. I … Continue reading A Fresh Start

Are We Supposed To Be Teachers or Surrogate Parents?

So many times in the media we see teachers and schools being dragged through the mud for getting something 'wrong'. Half the time I look at those 'wrong' things, and wonder why the school is concerned with it in the first place. We see all the time teachers in the bad books for not teaching … Continue reading Are We Supposed To Be Teachers or Surrogate Parents?

Choosing to Love Your School – Why and How

In this culture of whinging about work and hating on everything, I came to a realisation that I actually really like my job and my school. As my husband said, you just need to choose which bulls*** you're happy to put up with. I'm going to preface the rest of this article with two things. … Continue reading Choosing to Love Your School – Why and How