Are We Supposed To Be Teachers or Surrogate Parents?

So many times in the media we see teachers and schools being dragged through the mud for getting something ‘wrong’. Half the time I look at those ‘wrong’ things, and wonder why the school is concerned with it in the first place. Continue reading Are We Supposed To Be Teachers or Surrogate Parents?

“Teaching is Easy”

By Mr Nero

I write this today with every teacher in mind, but with the evidence of my own experiences and research. As a relatively new teacher I speak of my experience but also the shared viewpoints of the many staff I have spent time with.

Today I would like to examine the statement “teaching is easy”. Continue reading “Teaching is Easy”

Planning Can’t Wait

Teaching truly is a job like no other – being responsible for the education of young people, interacting on a meaningful level with up to 200 individual people a day, planning engaging lessons, meeting deadlines from a variety of stakeholders, the list of responsibilities goes on and on. And it gets to be utterly overwhelming at times. During those times, telling a teacher to take a night off, focus on themselves, or stop putting so much pressure on themselves is not helpful.

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