What It Was Like Being A Learner Again

It was such an odd experience to be a true learner again! I didn't know a whole heap about the topics in the course (hence why I was doing it), and I've never done an online course before, so I was quite new to the whole experience. What I discovered was a little bit of a surprise.


We’re Having a Baby!

Guess what folks - we are expecting a beautiful bundle of joy in January 2018! Once I got past the excitement, my thoughts turned to what this means for my teaching. Let me start by saying this is the most exciting, scary thing that has ever happened to me. A baby! An actual baby of … Continue reading We’re Having a Baby!

Are We Supposed To Be Teachers or Surrogate Parents?

So many times in the media we see teachers and schools being dragged through the mud for getting something 'wrong'. Half the time I look at those 'wrong' things, and wonder why the school is concerned with it in the first place. We see all the time teachers in the bad books for not teaching … Continue reading Are We Supposed To Be Teachers or Surrogate Parents?

Why Some Kids Just Need Kindness

I write this article tonight emotional, tired, and sick at heart. I have witnessed a somewhat violent domestic incident, and I just kept thinking about the young children in the house. Not all students come to school the same Tonight is a school night, one where many children are already asleep or are busy preparing … Continue reading Why Some Kids Just Need Kindness