What Are You Proud Of This Year?

Looking back on the year, it is important to recognise the things you accomplished and are proud of.


Choosing to Love Your School – Why and How

In this culture of whinging about work and hating on everything, I came to a realisation that I actually really like my job and my school. As my husband said, you just need to choose which bulls*** you're happy to put up with. I'm going to preface the rest of this article with two things. … Continue reading Choosing to Love Your School – Why and How

Not Being Able To Say Goodbye Sucks

So I've made the decision to not return to my school next term, but because of the weather I wasn't able to say goodbye to my students. I've been playing with the idea of leaving my school for a while now. I won't go into details (certainly nothing done wrong by any party!), but suffice … Continue reading Not Being Able To Say Goodbye Sucks

Private vs Public Chaos Times

I've recently made the jump from the public sector to the private sector and have noticed many changes. One was so completely unexpected that it actually made me stop dead in my tracks while walking around my classroom. There are many differences between public and private school, some obvious and some subtle. The students in … Continue reading Private vs Public Chaos Times

Getting To Know My Students

At the beginning of the year I like to get to know my students a little bit. Developing a good rapport with them is vital to enhancing their learning throughout the year. When you can relate to each student on an individual level, you are better able to differentiate and provide individualised learning experiences. I … Continue reading Getting To Know My Students