When Improvement Doesn’t Mean Better Grades

'Improvement' can mean so many different things, and they aren't all academically slanted in my educational view.


That Weird End-Of-Term Feeling

So we've done it, come to the end of another term. It brings such an odd range of emotions with it - relief and worry are top of my list. What a roller-coaster! Relief This is definitely the reigning emotion at this time of the term. We finally get to take a break from the … Continue reading That Weird End-Of-Term Feeling

3 Top Tips To Get Your Class On Side

If you teach teenagers, you know how much easier the job is when your class is on side. If they have your back, and know you have theirs, classroom interactions become less about behaviour management and more about learning. They also become more enjoyable for everyone involved. It can be difficult in the secondary school … Continue reading 3 Top Tips To Get Your Class On Side

A Fresh Start

By Anonymous One of our regular readers asked for me to share this story anonymously. After 3 years teaching and a lot of recent soul-searching, they have decided to leave their school, and here are their reasons why. I've decided to resign. This wasn't a rushed decision, but one that I am content with. I … Continue reading A Fresh Start