3 Top Tips To Get Your Class On Side

If you teach teenagers, you know how much easier the job is when your class is on side. If they have your back, and know you have theirs, classroom interactions become less about behaviour management and more about learning. They also become more enjoyable for everyone involved. It can be difficult in the secondary school … Continue reading 3 Top Tips To Get Your Class On Side


Choosing to Love Your School – Why and How

In this culture of whinging about work and hating on everything, I came to a realisation that I actually really like my job and my school. As my husband said, you just need to choose which bulls*** you're happy to put up with. I'm going to preface the rest of this article with two things. … Continue reading Choosing to Love Your School – Why and How

“Teaching is Easy”

By Mr Nero I write this today with every teacher in mind, but with the evidence of my own experiences and research. As a relatively new teacher I speak of my experience but also the shared viewpoints of the many staff I have spent time with. Today I would like to examine the statement "teaching … Continue reading “Teaching is Easy”

Why Are We Letting Ourselves Drown?

Teaching as a profession is in desperate need of an overhaul, but for the sake of the teachers, not the students. I can no longer count how many times I've been part of conversations about the fact that we are never caught up with our work. Of course things like planning and assessment are ongoing, … Continue reading Why Are We Letting Ourselves Drown?

Private vs Public Chaos Times

I've recently made the jump from the public sector to the private sector and have noticed many changes. One was so completely unexpected that it actually made me stop dead in my tracks while walking around my classroom. There are many differences between public and private school, some obvious and some subtle. The students in … Continue reading Private vs Public Chaos Times