Excursions in Brisbane

Excursions and incursions provide a unique experience for your students. It is a fun break from routine, for them as well as us, and allows students to see science in a different light.

I’m sure you remember an excursion or incursion that you participated in at school. These sorts of activities tend to stick with people purely because they are so different.

Below is a list of companies who provide excursions and/or incursions with a science focus for schools in Queensland. The hyperlinks will take you straight to the school information page of each company.

Street Science is an incursion company specialising in ‘bringing the fun back to science education’. Think engaging, fun, educational workshops and presentations tailored to the National Curriculum.

The Sciencentre at the Queensland Museum is a fun, interactive place to take your classes. They offer a science theatre show to complement the exhibits, and can provide classroom resources for before, during and after the visit.

The Queensland Museum itself is of course a great place for students to learn about aspects of science they may not be exposed to within the classroom. They offer a wide range of activites and workshops, as well as classroom resources and even loans of museum artefacts.

The Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha provide an enormous range of outdoor learning opportunities for students of every age.

The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium has all your astronomy needs covered. Their Cosmic Skydome provides a truly magical experience for exploring all things space-related, and worksheets related to the shows are freely available.

Education Interactive provide forensic science workshops across Australia. Students generally love forensic science, and it is a great way to link classroom science to real-world applications.

Fizzics Education will come to your school and present interactive, engaging shows and workshops. They also provide science clubs, parties, holiday workshops and over 100 free activity ideas.

Butterfly Skye’s incursions are all about insects. They will bring a whole range of creepy crawlies to your classroom for workshops on ecology, biology and general science. (You will need to scroll down to the bottom of this page for secondary school information)


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