Halloween Science Fun

With Halloween only a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to start planning some fun Halloween-themed science activities! Many that you see across the internet seem to aimed at younger children, but don't underestimate the joy that simple, fun activities can hold for students of all ages. Below is a list of some …

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Ducklings in the Classroom AKA The Time The Teacher Was The One Distracted

We were sitting in lesson one day, doing some revision for their upcoming exam, when in walked the technician and farm manager, carrying something in a small cage. The technician had a look on his face of 'I know I'm interrupting your lesson, but you are absolutely going to love this'. They walked over and …

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Revision Lesson For All Ability Levels

Planning an effective student-lead revision lesson can be a challenge. We sometimes feel that the best way to make sure they understand everything is to re-explain it all, or that we need to leave them to their own devices to revise in the 'way that suits them best'. Sometimes both approaches are necessary and/or appropriate, …

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Using Independent Research Time to Teach Content

In order to preserve my voice and sanity, every now and then I’ll give an entire lesson over to the students to do independent research. This isn't random 'here is a topic loosely related to the content' research This isn't a usual worksheet on which they need to answer questions from a specific website. It's not even a webquest. It's the students learning the content through independent research.