What It Was Like Being A Learner Again

It was such an odd experience to be a true learner again! I didn't know a whole heap about the topics in the course (hence why I was doing it), and I've never done an online course before, so I was quite new to the whole experience. What I discovered was a little bit of a surprise.


Exam Time = Chameleon Teaching

Last week I started my year 11 lesson slowly. Tuesday morning, after a bank holiday Monday, meant that they were sure to be a bit off school - something I can completely relate to. Then our Head of Department walks in to have a quick chat - asking how they are going and emphasizing the … Continue reading Exam Time = Chameleon Teaching

6 Ways to Reduce Cheating in Small Rooms

Exams can be tricky to monitor. Particularly when you have a slightly shifty group of students. Particularly when said group is in a room that doesn't have enough space for them to all sit individually. I face this issue with the classroom I have the majority of my lessons in. There are four rows of … Continue reading 6 Ways to Reduce Cheating in Small Rooms

7 Ways to Reduce Boredom During Exams

Exams are tedious, especially when they are long. With my 15 classes, I've had about 19 hours of exams and controlled assessments in the past few school weeks - that's a lot of time spent invigilating, as they call it over here. We've all been in the situation of sitting or standing for a whole … Continue reading 7 Ways to Reduce Boredom During Exams

Revision Lesson For All Ability Levels

Planning an effective student-lead revision lesson can be a challenge. We sometimes feel that the best way to make sure they understand everything is to re-explain it all, or that we need to leave them to their own devices to revise in the 'way that suits them best'. Sometimes both approaches are necessary and/or appropriate, … Continue reading Revision Lesson For All Ability Levels