Was This The Right Career For Me?

This is the twentieth part of my Reflection Series for 2017 – a self-reflection of my teaching this year.

Knowing what you know now, would you still choose to be a teacher if you could go back in time and make the choice again?

This question has a very simple answer for me – YES!

I truly have found a job I enjoy a LOT, even with all the ups and downs.

I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations, but so far I’ve enjoyed my teaching journey over the last 4 years. Just think, one more year of classroom teaching and I’ll beat the 5-year drop-out statistic! It feels quite odd to be away from it all now on maternity leave, but I like to think I’ll return to classroom teaching.

I always keep an eye out on the job market (as I’m sure some of you do). I did go into the teaching degree with the idea of working in the informal education sector, but have found my niche in formal education. I think I’d like to try it out some time though, and as I’m not permanent at any school, I do have that option at any point. Who knows, coming out of maternity leave might be a good time to try out something else, but I think I’d like to return to the classroom.

I honestly can’t say I’d enjoy other work more or less than classroom teaching until I try it, but I don’t want to return to office work. I’d still like to have the interactions and relationships with the students, and working in such a varied, complex job fulfils the fickle park of my personality that saw me get bored easily and quickly with all the other jobs I’ve held since year 10. There is just so much variety on a daily basis, and yes a degree of control, that keeps my brain ticking away and eager to keep going.

I’m curious and eager to see how my career progresses over the next few years, and how I find it all with a child of my own. Who knows, I could return to classroom teaching to find I’ve grown out of it and simply don’t enjoy it any more. I hope not, but it’s always possible.


I’d like to ask you the same question – Knowing what you know now, would you still choose to be a teacher if you could go back in time and make the choice again? If the answer is “no,” is there a way for you to choose a different path now?


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About the Author:

Emily is a secondary science and math teacher in Australia. She enjoys blogging about her experiences, facilitating the ‘light bulb’ moment in her students, and drinking tea and wine. Emily is currently on maternity leave with her first child. You can read more teaching articles from Emily here, or about her life as a new mum over at Actual Mums.

Photo by Didier Weemaels on Unsplash


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