What Are You Proud Of This Year?

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2 thoughts on “What Are You Proud Of This Year?

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  2. Anonymous

    I think my ‘highlight’ this year was our successful ‘STEM Showcase’ evening held during National Science Week in August. In conjunction with our local university (who put on an amazing presentation about coding/programming) the kids drove the rest of the night – showcasing their coding/programming skills to interested parents and community members.

    The highlight of the night was the debut testing of cars (built from recycled and repurposed materials) that the Year 4 students built as part of their Design Technology unit. Their cars were powered by a compressed air ‘launcher’ which nearly didn’t work on the night – but luckily it fired up.

    For such a small community we thought we might get 50 people – but we ended up with 250+ – such a huge success for the school and more importantly for the kids.



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