Tattooed Teachers

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5 thoughts on “Tattooed Teachers

    1. Joe Arthur

      Its a social economic thing!!! In my north eastern school they were seen as Jerry Springer white trash and openly stated even to the students. In a north shore LI school they were seen as anti-Semitic, and a sign of a self abusive person. I’m Maryland they were not a problem. Yet, I did have a student who was from New England and her parents insisted that their child be removed from that “Immoral” teacher’s class.
      I know more than one principal who will avoid candidates even for support staff, who have tattoos.
      If you don’t have one, don’t get one. Also note that people who do have them tend to hold lower paying jobs. To be blunt, having one is a bad choice for a role model.


  1. Cait

    I’m currently a university student who is looking at going into teaching in the future. I already have 2 tattoos, both of which I can cover easily. I’m wanting to get another one but am unsure where to get it due to my career aspirations. Reading these have helped me a little but I’m still unsure, I don’t want my future hindered for expressing myself.


  2. Michael R

    Currently Im pursuing my degree in education profession , I have a sleeve and a total of 6 tattoos and planning on getting my other arm done . However they are coverable it always seems to be a fun debate topic with the old school professors in Texas . Where they seem to always pin point me when discussing tattoos i think it’s funny honestly .

    I’m a big advocate for if it is t offensive and in good taste who gives a crap if it’s visible. Besides if anything especially in early childhood classrooms, it starts a good bases for keeping them from judging and taking the negative stigma that some will distill on a tattooed person .


  3. Jade

    Im 18 and aspiring to study Primary Education at university. Now that I’m legally allowed to get a tattoo, I really want to go for it, but considering I’m aspiring to be a teacher, I’m really not sure on whether it’s a good idea or not. Just as this article states, I think it should be okay for a teacher to have a tattoo, as long as it’s nothing that could be deemed as offence. I mean, surely a tattoo of Peter Pan on a shooting star would be okay… right?


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