Sometimes the Teacher Just Needs to Stop Talking

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes the Teacher Just Needs to Stop Talking

  1. Gail Bobro

    Sounds like you are an amazing teacher. One of the goals of Common Core math is for them to “get on with it” either individually or in a group. I was reading another one of your posts “Planning Can’t Wait” and I’m impressed that you took that lesson you carefully crafted and dumped it when you found a better way. And what a great culture you must have in your class room for a struggling student to speak up and tell you that.
    I’m going to pay more attention this week to how much talking I do myself. Multiple representations and differentiation make me say things so many different ways, sometimes I wonder if I get things mixed up which would confuse them more. When I think of some of my students staring off into space or nodding off, I’m thinking maybe I need to just shut up, too.
    Or maybe, I chunk my lessons a little more. In 7th grade it’s not solving the equation that is really hard, it’s remembering all the other things that you learned like integers, decimals and fractions. If I broke that up a little bit I wouldn’t have to talk as much (which would make them happy) and they would have more time practicing (which would make me happy.


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