Private vs Public Chaos Times

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2 thoughts on “Private vs Public Chaos Times

  1. Tracy

    Interesting. I too now work in a private school (quite a prestigious one where there is a lot of parental pressure) and the one thing my Head of Dept. impressed upon me was to NOT answer emails too quickly as that sets a precedent. No matter how much parents are paying for their education they do not own the teachers. That is a myth. They must respect the teachers, their time and the class timetable. I will not allow students to answer texts from parents during class, for example. If they whinge then I let them know their parent can come have a chat with me about it and I will explain. I will answer emails quickly-ish but that could be anything up to 24 hours, and that is ok. Sometimes I wait out that 24 hours deliberately.
    The best service we can provide to the parents, who are paying their fees which help pay our wages, is to be the best teacher possible to their students and no-one can do that unless they are actually left to get on with the job of doing just that. I’ll also add that the best teacher possible also teaches those students to be self-reliant, take personal responsibility for both the successes and the failures, to not pass the buck and to be the best they can be. These can be difficult messages to get through to some private school parents at times but I am always willing to try.


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