Meet the Teacher – Jules

I started my working life as a nurse, and after having my beautiful children, realised that I loved, and found very interesting, every stage of my children’s development.

I found fascinating the way my children embraced learning about their world. They always seemed to learn best when they enjoyed what they were doing.

I then decided there would be no more shift work for me, and had to embark on a new career. It seemed like a sensible progression to move into early childhood education and it gives me great satisfaction to help little ones learn by doing the things they love, just the same way my children enjoyed  learning opportunities as they grew.

Now, after almost twenty years, I still think it’s the greatest job I could have, even though I feel very old knowing that the first children I taught are now just finishing uni!


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About the Author:

Jules (Teaching The Little Ones) is an early childhood educator with a long history in childcare and nursing. She has nursery rhymes printed inside her eye-lids, and revels in the silly-teacher mode. You can read more from Jules here!


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