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4 thoughts on “Sharing Resources

  1. lifeofaprimaryschoolteacher

    Honestly, you took the words right out of my mouth with this post! I have only recently qualified but even in my PGCE, I found that many of the teachers I worked alongside were hesitant to share ideas, both with me and each other, yet many of them didn’t hesitate in asking me to email me their planning. I think this hesitating comes down to fear of experiencing situations whereby you share planning and don’t receive the same back. I think, like you said, we as teachers, although thinking of fresh ways to deliver various concepts in the classroom can be exciting, we need to make more of an effort to work together as a team and bounce ideas around!

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    1. sciteaching

      I admit myself I have a bit of a fear of sharing and not receiving back, because that’s been my experience so far, but if I let myself do the same thing to the next person, I’ll only continue the cycle!
      Of course we’re all going to want to change things around and try out new ideas, but it’s always much nicer to have something to start from or simply adapt if needed, particularly when it’s a very busy time.
      Perhaps if you and I keep sharing anyway, we might encourage others to as well!


      1. lifeofaprimaryschoolteacher

        Exactly, if we share ideas, we’d get things done a lot more efficiently and save ourselves a great deal of stress! I understand that feeling though, I found on my first batch of teaching practice that another student would take stuff I had photocopied straight away and make further copies before I noticed and use it for her lessons. I wouldn’t have minded so much if she had asked and given some ideas in return :).

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